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Tell us Your "STILL WORKING" Story

If you are retirement age but still working,
we'd like to hear from you! Write us at

About You
What decade were you born in (as in, 1940's? 1950's?)
How do you feel about working in your 60s, or 70s, or 80s?
About Your Job
What kind of job are you working at?
Is it full or part time?
Is it the same job, or the same kind of job, you have done previously?
New Directions
If you have a hobby you love, have you thought about ways to make income from it?
Have you gone back to school to retool your skills, or would you consider doing so?
Tips for the Next Guy
What practical tips do you have for other people who are thinking about retirement,
but who want to keep working?

Please list a contact email or mailing address where we can reach you, in the event that we might want to publish your Still Working Story. No stories will be published without your prior written approval; publication in spring/summer 2005. Please limit to 400 words if possible.

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